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СonversBank - a universal bank with the Ukrainian investment, which was founded in 2006 and by total assets is 51 among the 176 banks in the rating of the National Bank of Ukraine. Konvers Bank provides all the basic banking services, including maintenance of retail and corporate clients, investment banking, interbank transactions.


The goal - a deepening relationship with client, modernization of options in spirit: fast, convenient and profitable. For efficient user operation an array of data is allocated into logical blocks. The transition to the selection of services / information is possible directly from the main menu, and a list of sub-sections, displaying the contents of the information section, in which the visitor is at the moment.


The new version of website is made in the style of the classic banking austerity - a maximum of information, a minimum of distractions, links. In terms of design starting point of the site design is the logo of the bank - bubble , which is made ​​in the shape of all of the individual items of information . Visual design: focus on the bright informative banner, which emphasize dynamism of the customer work on each page. This site contains materials of the maintenance of private and corporate clients, information of the bank operation , equipped with currency exchange rates and foreign exchange , credit and deposit calculators online , eliminating the need for additional information retrieval. The final part is provided in the form of active banners.