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Bank "Odessa-Bank" appeared on Ukraine financial services market in 1991. For 20 years, the bank has managed to consolidate its position among the commercial banks in the country. Qualified financial services European level and the introduction of new banking products allowed the customer to confirm the reputation of the universal banking institution based on the interests of customers.


The aim of our work was the creation a corporate website of the bank, which would display the customer's motto: "Tradition out the time." The main thrust of the resource - to inform visitors about activities of the bank. In addition, site should act as a bank advisor, providing ample opportunities for users.


The site is created in the art-historical manner. For decoration is used golden-brown color and stylized graphics. The selection is made ​​with a burgundy color and a variety of fonts. The main menu of the website contains relevant sub-topics. With the help of a resource visitors can obtain information about the bank, its services, see the financial statements and current exchange rates, as well as read the latest news of the financial world.


In addition to its primary function, the site also can be called cognitive resource: here you can find information on the history of finance; get answers to your questions, and even see the bank humor. Photos show bank holidays and weekdays without retouching. And the financial server will provide information on currency exchange rates and the latest news in real-time.